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WG3526 | EM7565 | mini PCI-E to M.2 | TIPS

Post by Need4Speed » Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:00 am

After reading THIS thread I was pretty cautious building my new router. I too had the same issues with the screws touching the router case on the bottom(between pcb and case) and 1 of the pan heads of the screws touching the underside of the modem.

So to fix the issue I used needle nose pliers and gripped the screws on the threads just below the head of the screw. Don't worry about marring the threads here as they are not utilized.

Then put the metal square nut on all the way up close to my pliers, I then used a flat metal file to file/shorten the screw slightly.

The reason for having the nut on prior to filing is so when you are done you can unthread it and clean up the filed end(the nut will cut new threads on filed end).

Make sure to blow off any metal shavings before putting back into the router, those would not be good in there! Took a few tries to get the proper length. Use that shortened screw once satisfied with the clearance and repeat with the other screw.

This takes care of the screw to case clearance.

I then had only one screw head that was too close for comfort to the underside of the modem once installed on the adapter. To fix this I pulled the modem and removed the screw, then gripped the same way(just under the head on the theads). I then filed the head of the screw(where the screwdriver goes) to make it flatter vs pan head.

The only other thing I can suggest is when hooking up the MHF4 pigtails is to be very gentle. I used the flat end of a thin Crayola marker where the cap clips on to put pressure on the top while gently wiggling side to side until it clipped in.

I'd also recommend using a headlamp or good led flashlight when assembling. I used both.

Hope this helps anyone with this specific build that may run into the same issue. This definitely was tedious and I figured I might try to help with what worked for me.
Final assembly, clearances good
Left screw panhead filed down to clear modem
Left screw touching case, right screw filed shorter

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