Configure external USB modem on MOFI4500 ( WE826 ) golden orb

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Re: Configure external USB modem on MOFI4500 ( WE826 ) golden orb

Post by BillA » Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:18 am

"Provider: Connecting" could mean an incorrect APN (but you have entered the correct one already), more importantly the missing values for the parameters listed below could mean that the modem is unable to read the sim card properly.
To eliminate the sim card being the issue right off the bat, I would try the Tmo sim card in a phone just to see if it can read it. If it fails, then simply replace it.
I would also try to insert a different sim card, restart the router, and look at the info again (even if it's from another carrier), at the very least SIM IMSI, SIM ICCID, SIM Phone Number should all be populated with some values regardless if you can connect to the internet or not.

The possibilities for the failure may be: defective SIM card, defective SIM card reader, or reading the incorrect slot. Some M.2 to mPCIe modem adapters may prevent the router's sim slot from reading the sim properly, depending if it's a top or bottom type sim tray adapter, so you could try moving the sim card from the router's slot into the M.2 to mPCIe adapter's sim slot. Also, make sure that the modem and the adapter are all connected to the main board nice and snug with the mounting screws.

If none of these suggestions work, then there's a possibility that the Telit LM960 is either defective, has a locked firmware, or some other unknown issue. It would be helpful if you could copy&paste the various command/status responses.

To read the network status (similar to Sierra's AT!GSTATUS?), but it's more cryptic with values separated by commas. The most important values you wanna look for are <PLMN>, <RSSI> and <IMSI>

To read the SIM slot status.
The third value shows 0 for slot 1, or 1 for slot 2

To set the SIM tray detection method by trying all three <mode> values.
SIM detection <mode> values
0 - switch to SIM slot1 (factory default)
1 - switch to SIM slot2
2 - automatic SIM slot2 detection through SIMIN Pin

As a last resort, you could perform a full factory reset on the modem, then try the sim in both slots again.
Then restart the router and try the sim slots again.

Missing values:



SIM Phone Number :

SIM Name :

Signal Information

Network :
Signal Strength :

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Re: Configure external USB modem on MOFI4500 ( WE826 ) golden orb

Post by iceburglar » Wed Apr 08, 2020 3:18 pm

I think there was some conflict with two modems attached at the same time, at some point I started having spotty web connectivity off the WE826 wifi through the LM960 but the golden orb firmware still wouldn't allow me to interact with it, pretty much all of the connection info on the Modem > Network Status page ( ) was still blank and even though I was getting web access from the Telit module neither module would respond to AT commands issued through the golden orb command terminal ( ).

I just removed the Sierra MC7455 and still have the LM960 hooked up via USB and was able to get it to provide web access, populate most of the connection information fields and respond to AT commands issued through golden orb terminal. I should have removed the Sierra module days ago but was being stubborn cause I feel like I should be able to leave it installed and only utilize the module of my choice ( probably could If I knew what to change/configure ).

Anyway that's my update for now, I am happy it is working reliably, I'll be familiarizing myself with the AT commands and I'll finally be able to try the commands you posted.

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Re: Configure external USB modem on MOFI4500 ( WE826 ) golden orb

Post by iceburglar » Mon Sep 06, 2021 7:12 pm

Had this project stored away for a long time. It seems there was a problem with the USB enclosure/adapter I had the LM960 in as it got where it would rarely be detected by my WE826, and also very unreliably when plugged into my windows laptop.

I finally installed the module directly in the WE826 ( took the wifi connectors off the case and taped them up, disabled wifi in rooter ) and it seems to be working quite well with it automatically selecting bands.

I need to experiment with manually selecting bands to see if I really have anything to gain by stepping up to a WG3526 or the WG1680.

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