DNS server error

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DNS server error

Post by RockyinNM » Mon May 06, 2019 2:41 pm

Hello All,
Running a WE826-T2, with 7455 modem--running Verizon sim card---runs GREAT!
"disclaimer"--I did NOT build this router-(bad eyes) but a forum member did--and I can not reach him.

That said, can someone line me out on how to put in the DNS address--as every now and then I will get a dns server type error--I used this on the desktop ( computer.

To fix, I have been rebooting the router--(power off/power on.

I have the router connected to my desktop (ethernet) and I'm pretty sure there is a place to enter on router,--
but would like the steps to do so correctly, as I do NOT want to flub up my great running router.
thanks, Rocky
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