Dynamic IP WE826 -> Static IP Sonicwall

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Dynamic IP WE826 -> Static IP Sonicwall

Post by BottomTopper » Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:43 am

First time posting....

I would like to have a VPN tunnel up between my WE826 and my SonicWALL in my office. Currently I'm on verizon data plan that yields me an internal dynamic 100.x.x.x address. My SonicWALL is on cable and has a static.

Before I changed the firmware to ROOter I did see an option for L2TP, which may be an option if I roll back.

I'd really like to avoid buying a static from verizon ($500) and I would rather not purchase a ~$800 Sierra Wireless MP70

This would also have some other low bandwidth applications for some of my projects.

I did search for SonicWALL on LTEHacks but this gave me nothing so its safe to assume SonicWALL is the devil, but it's what I'm stuck supporting, hence trying out the WE826

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