WE826-Q Locked Up

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WE826-Q Locked Up

Post by tcilli » Mon May 10, 2021 11:20 am

I purchased a WE826-Q-EM7565 combo a few weeks ago, inserted a SIM Card, did a little bit of configuration in the factory installation of ROOter, and I had it up and running no problem. I left the device powered on and running for a few weeks and then I noticed I could no longer see the Wireless network for it. The device had power and lights lit up, so I rebooted it, to which the lights came back on, but nothing else did. Looking at the WE826, the Power light, internet light, and LAN1 light were lit up, LAN 3 was like half-lit, and occasionally the USB light would flash (picture attached).
I tried connecting to it with an ethernet cable, but after trying multiple computers and multiple ethernet cables, none of them would show a link light to the device, nor did anything on the device change.
I removed the SIM card, then opened it up and took the EM7565 modem and the PCIe to M2 adapter out to see if something with those was causing it to lock up on boot, but that made no difference either.
I ordered a CP2102 USB to Serial adapter and tried to connect to the serial headers on the board, but no matter what combination of pins, baud rates, etc. I use I seem to get gibberish at best (picture attached).

I've tried the factory reset method - it honestly seems like the reset button on this thing does absolutely nothing - I get no reaction out of the device regardless of holding it down for 30 seconds before applying power, after applying power, etc.

Any ideas on how to recover this thing? I'm getting something out of the console, so it doesn't appear to be completely dead...

Side note, I put the EM7565 modem into a USB adapter and was able to successfully use it on a Windows PC, so the modem appears to be fine.
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