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Post by JimHelms » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:51 pm

I would like to personally welcome everyone to the new forum of LTE HACKS -- a community for like minded individuals with an interest in wireless broadband technology.

The forum is a place were people can learn, and members can share information, teach and assist others. As such, it is important that everyone contribute to the community.

As some of you know, the previous LTE HACKS forum was loaded with helpful tips, tutorials and hard to find technical information. Unfortunately, most of the information was lost when our database went down. Thus, adding insult to injury, the backups were not properly configured, with the latest backup being almost a year old. Lesson learned! We are still hoping to recover some of its contents...

I would ask that all topics be posted under the proper forum and heading. We previously wasted a lot of time babysitting--repeatedly moving posts and topics to their proper forum.

Please enter a complete description in the Subject box when posting a new topic to clearly identity the nature of the topic. And, use proper grammar and sentences.

The above requests will help keep the forum both organized and user friendly.

Feel free to make suggestions for our forum--its structure, layout, topics, packages,....

DISCLAIMER: The term "Hacks" in LTE HACKS is synonymous to the word "Tweaks". We will NOT tolerate topics or material related to illegal "hacking" or other subjects that are unlawful.