Frustrated with Ubifi (New Install) - Can someone help??

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Re: Frustrated with Ubifi (New Install) - Can someone help??

Post by swwifty » Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:38 pm

I'm not sure I follow exactly what you are trying to accomplish, but ideally what ever device and modem you are using for service should have both antennas outside. There is LTE antennas you can get that have two antennas in one enclosure. This is typically called a MIMO antenna in advertising.

In my many experiments i typically find that only having one antenna attached to the primary antenna port on the modem cuts the download speed in half.

This is assuming a lot of variables in your location, distance from the tower, etc, but if you are running in the highest transmission mode in LTE (this is something you can't control the modem and the cell figure this out automatically) then you'll more than likely get double the speed.

It's also not just about spatial multiplexing, if you are in a place where signal is really poor then having the second antenna helps with error correction as the modem will run in spatial diversity mode and you'll likely see less packet loss and a more stable connection (but maybe not more speed.)

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