T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

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T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by MattB29 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:37 pm

In my browsing on the subject of possible wireless Home Internet providers and data only plans I happened upon the website that T-mobile has for unlimited wireless home internet. It is not at there regular wireless pages. It would depend if you are in their coverage area and they supply the hardware to make it work. The fee is $50/mo on auto pay. While not a DIY solution as pioneered by the people here it is still something to consider.

The address is https://www.t-mobile.com/isp

Don't know if that would work for someone. At the moment I am still satisfied with my 20gb plan from Cricket.

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Re: T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by LoveMeSomeCALTE » Sat Jul 11, 2020 3:26 pm

Tmobile had this $50 per month "home ISP" plan that they advertised heavily in our area.

It wasn't available everywhere to begin with. The local TMobile reps had no clue what this was and on calling TMobile we were told this was a disruption that TMobile was going to cause to the rural internet market and how they would be our bext champion in the face of expensive and poorly performing local WISPs and satellite.

When we entered our addresses in the neighborhood though on that site, it said "coming soon".

We (a bit over 200 families) bothered them almost a year ago enough, for them to offer it.

Two months ago, after the merger, with a lead of only a month they yanked it saying they were going to "reboot" their "home ISP" initiative with "better and faster 5G".

The thing is, until their grand plans happen, we don't have an internet connection in the meantime!

We had mass migrated to TMobile and run the local WISPs out of business over a span of few months so we dont even have them to turn to now.

Our community has a few temporary measures in place so we don't get fired from our jobs (we cant go to an office to work because the state is in lockdown and office utilities have been suspended because no one is using the office space) and some of us who have the time and ability are doing their bit in figuring out how to fix this mess.

It's very clearly apparent to all of us what this Tmobile "home ISP" plan is - to monetize the spare tower bandwidth they have in rural areas wrapped up in a web of misdirection and lies of how it's actually to champion for the rural internet market.

We were probably on the edge of spare tower bandwidth, which is why they initially refused to give us the service.

We literally read the brochures and flyers they had sent us and worked with Tmobile to hold them to their word.

This lead to all the spare tower bandwidth to go away, cause congestion but the work of getting the merger together had them busy and distracted.

Until two months ago.

It's very important to understand at the system level why a company does things rather than be influenced by why they say they are doing something.

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Re: T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by MattB29 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 3:59 pm

Thank you for the information. One of the issues with all these carrier companies is the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Often times you only know about a special offer by happenstance and luck. Nor can you rely on anything to stay the same down the road.

I hope your community can come up with a reliable internet solution.

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Re: T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by BillA » Sun Jul 12, 2020 11:53 pm

Tmo's Home Internet is targeted for remote areas only, in order to fully utilize their tower's unused bandwidth. There's a reason why they say "What is T-Mobile Home Internet? T-Mobile Home Internet is a new offering from T-Mobile, available at certain addresses in limited areas." It's not for densely populated areas at all, and it's by invitation only based on your location and tower utilization, at least for now.

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Re: T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by MattB29 » Mon Jul 13, 2020 6:39 am

It is no longer just by invitation only. You can sign up for it at the web site I posted. It however is location dependent so you may not qualify. And by location they do not intend this to be a mobile service. It is fixed location. Funny enough those locations may not be remote areas but areas where people already have other alternatives for internet. As usual those that have get more.

Not to grind a point but all wireless usage is dependent on cell tower bandwidth availability.

I will say just about the last company I would want to deal with is T-Mobile after having a real bad experience with them several years back in regards to returning equipment. However none of the 3 carriers are unique in having lousy consumer relations. One bad experience years back does not necessarily mean much.

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Re: T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by shwaba » Thu Feb 25, 2021 8:50 pm

In my area I was getting 50mbps down most of the day the 1st month with this service and we used around 800GB.
The second month I was only getting 50mbps down in the graveyard hours and then it almost seemed like we were being throttled at times down to 0.2mbps, lots of buffering only able to use 400GB then, because we were supplementing more with an ipad plan. third month same scenario but worse, throttled all the time and only used 150GB and then said screw it time to cancel. That is another s##tshow in itself. You cannot cancel on twitter or facebook as some people have stated on reddit. I tried they will not do it. You must call the home internet dept. to cancel. Make sure you have time to spare and some extra cocktails. 1st night we tried we were on hold for 4 hours and we got disconnected! Second night same thing! Third night it only took an hour on hold :? and we finally got through to an outsourced techie who tried everything to retain us. But finally gave in and canceled. In my opinion this service is a scam, They make it so hard to cancel the service and it was rushed out so Tmo could merge with Sprint. Maybe they will make good on this down the road but I won't be back to try it.

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Re: T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by MattB29 » Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:20 pm

UPS just delivered my T-Mobile Gateway (it is the Nokia 4g/5g model) this afternoon. I will be setting it up tomorrow and seeing if it is an improvement over my Cricket Simply Data plan.

My usage needs are much less than most. I have been getting by on 20GB a month without much problem (Heck I was getting by with 3GB a month up until last year). However I got a smart TV over Christmas and to make any effective use of it for streaming I do need a better setup.

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Re: T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by MattB29 » Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:27 am

Oh well. It don't look like it is going to work. I get 2 bars of connection and web pages barely load and can not even run a Okla speed test. Did run the dl speed test from testmy.net and got a 4mbs down and 654kbps Up. Not good enough to load even Gmail though it should. Google is also slow to come up as it waits for Google apis to load.

My call to T-mobile is on a 2 hour wait time before they call me back so I can arrange sending the thing back. I had some hope after the CS gal assured me over and over that I would be happy with it. But it doesn't work as good as Cricket through AT&T. I took it outside for a bit to see if the signal strength was better (running on battery) but no go from the 2 bars.

I notice the Nokia Gateway connects only to Band 12 just like my WG3526 with Cricket does. No 5G, no second signal.

RSSP: 111 dBm
SNR: 8 db
RSRQ: -10 db
RSSI: -89 dBm

ETA: After talking with the CS for awhile, and him trying they usual stuff and nothing getting better, I said send me the information for sending back the gateway. He than said he had one last thing to try and could he call me back in 10 minutes. No call back after an hour so I am once again on the 2 hour wait list to try and cancel. Pain in the rear. At least I am not sitting on hold all day. Just sitting waiting for a call back.

Final edit: Got it canceled and the return label sent to me. I will be paying for 1 day of service out of the $50/mo for this experiment. At first they were going to charge me from date of activation which was a week before I even got the gateway. But after protest the CS gal said it would be just the 1 day pro rated amount.

During my second CS call the gal tried the infamous the Tower is having problems and a ticket had just been written on it. I doubt that highly and the fact my nearest tower was 20 miles away is the real issue. She also stated that the area would be upgraded to 5G in a few months. But it ain't here now.

All in all T-mobile once again did not impress me. Which is too bad now that Cricket has a hard on concerning routers that are not HD voice compatible. I am still looking at needing a solution before February next year if they do not change that policy.

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Re: T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by gscheb » Fri Feb 26, 2021 4:02 pm

If got AT&T service should look into getting the post pay unlimited tablet plan.

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Re: T-Mobile unlimited home internet.

Post by Dr-BroadBand » Fri Feb 26, 2021 4:35 pm

The trick is getting a SIM/Data plan
The hardware is the easy part.

Step-1 Would get on StarLink waiting list cost $100

Step-2 T-Mobile has a 100Gb for $50 not sure if that will meet your needs.
Would see if they go a post pay and ask if you can use your equipment

SIM Solution, 100GB, 5G, T-Mobile, $50

See link 4G/5G
https://www.t-mobile.com/news/network/5 ... got-better

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