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Iskra P58

Post by ylrkdr » Thu Oct 15, 2020 11:25 pm

This is the antenna setup I have here at home. I actually found these on ebay; shipped from Latvia, they cost $110. I live in a low area, with no LOS to any tower nearby. My main tower is 13 miles away; using the wide paddles on the MOFI, I would max out at 5 down, usually 1 or 2. With the Irskas, I'm now averaging 18(B2 at 15mhz), with 25 not uncommon.

They come with 50 ohm H155 cables, in lengths from 2.5 to 10 meters, and have SMA ends. The tech chart that came with the antennas claim that even though it's rated at 700-2600 mhz, the chart shows 8dbi gain at 600 mhz, so maybe it could pick up band 71? No idea.

Unlike the MOFI(I would've built one using an EM7565 and an LTE Fix router) I paid too much for, I think this was a good deal.

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