MC7411 VS MC7511 VS EM7565 on T-Mobile

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MC7411 VS MC7511 VS EM7565 on T-Mobile

Post by feudalkaos » Tue Sep 21, 2021 10:52 am

I am looking to upgrade from my existing MC7455. I have looked at the MC7411, MC7511, and the EM7565 modems. Obviously the higher CAT modems should perform better in theory but not necessarily in practice.

Can anyone with experience with these modems on T-Mobile please share their thoughts?

My setup is on a boat so frequently mobile. I currently have 2 external Omni antennas but they do not get down into the 600mhz range so no band 71 with those just yet.

Alternatively, is there really a huge benefit to going with 5G? I have a 5G phone and the speeds I see are usually the same as what I get from the same phone on 4G.

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