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Post by mtl26637 » Thu Apr 29, 2021 2:54 pm

Okay, so I've been working on a 5G setup for some time and thought I would put together what information I have obtained on the topic along with some questions.

Here is my latest setup:
Modem: RM500Q-AE
Antenna: 700-3800MHz Cellular 8dBi Directional 4×4 MIMO Antenna (LTEfix: AD4M 1DP738X8 NF)
Router: RPI4
Modem Enclosure: USB3 (LTEfix version)
Provider: Simplemobile (T-Mobile)

Verizon doesn't have 5G service in my area and AT&T's 5G service is nothing more than a joke (you get to see a 5G symbol on your phone with slower speeds than 4G). This leaves me with T-Mobile. Looking on cellmapper and seeing several posts on here, it looks like speeds can hit pretty high (200+). Right now I can only hit those speeds with my "OMR" setup and 4-6 combined LTE connections so if I could do that with 1 setup it would be a dream.

Here is where I'm running into problems and questions. In my area and from what I gather in most areas, the Tmo 5G bands are 2, 12, 66, n71. I do not have band 2 so this leaves me with bands 12, 66 and n71. Band 12 is a lower ~700mhz and band 66 is mid to upper ~1700mhz. 5G band n71 is a lower band of ~600mhz also. With that being said, the RM500Q-AE offers 4 ports, ports 1+2 being the lower band primary ports and 0+3 being the secondary mimo ports. From what I can tell that presents a problem for me with Tmo as when I connect I can only pick up bands 66 and n71 and speeds are lower than my 4G connections. I assume this is because ports 1+2 mimo are latching on to n71 600mhz bands and leaving ports 0+3 to latch on to mid to higher signals such as band 66.

Call me crazy but I just don't see that it is possible that I can even latch on to bands 12 and n71 at the same time with the RM500Q-AE. Is it even possible? I recently found an image of the band information for each port (don't have access here at work) but it shows the only ports that can pull in the "Lower" bands are ports 1+2. I doubt if those 2 ports (1+2) can pull in 12 and n71 at the same time, at least not with the 4x4 mimo antenna im using. From cellmapper, band 12 is where the goods are it seems. I thought about forgetting the 4x4 MIMO antenna I have (big unfortunate) and going with a couple single yagi's to try to get both of those lower bands? Any recommendations on how to pull in best signal on n71? At 600mhz, it seems just out of reach for most 'LTE' products.

What am I missing here? For those that have the RM500Q-AE and have Tmo and have kick-ass speeds, what bands are you latching on to? Do you guys live within spitting distance of the tower or what, LOL? I'm stumped, I've been messing with this for quite some time now...

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