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Post by saw2645 » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:05 am

Hi, I have a ZTE MF279 (ATT Home Base), that I cant use in my location, because I can't band lock it. I am currently using a Netgear M1 that I was able to band lock and get to work. I have another location that I'd like to use this MF279 if I can get it to band lock.

I purchased a USB to PCI adapter for the modem, but I can't seem to locate the needed drivers for my windows 10 laptop.

My device manager sees the attached device as a "ZTE MSM technologies".

I believe it is a CAT 6 modem, but not positive, there are comments from forums that it is a Cat 16 and even Cat 12, so i am not positive.

So anyway, long story short, does anyone know of anyway to locate drivers that would work with this modem?

Thanks for any help.

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