WE826 | WG3526 | WE3926 | WE1326 | WE1026 - Firmware Recovery Mode

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WE826 | WG3526 | WE3926 | WE1326 | WE1026 - Firmware Recovery Mode

Post by JimHelms » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:38 am

To access the WE/WG's boot loader menu:

1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the router LAN port to your PC.

2. Change your PC's IP address on the network card to and reboot your PC.

Set Network Adapter.png

3. Open your web browser to

4. Remove the power from the router.

5. Press and hold the reset button on the rear of the router (and don’t let go) and plug the power back in.

6. Keep holding the reset button until the restore user interface loads into the web browser. It should not take over a minute.

7. If the restore interface failed to load in the web browser, repeat the process, only this time watch the LED lights on the router.

8. When the LED’s start settling down, release the reset button and give it a few minutes.

In the event your boot loader screen comes up in Chinese, see this TOPIC


WiFiX custom GoldenOrb firmware

All GoldenOrb firmware builds

WE826 | WG3526 | WE1326 | WE1026-5G OEM OpenWRT firmware
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