Verizon internet with WE826 and EM7455

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Verizon internet with WE826 and EM7455

Post by Gorus » Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:43 pm

When I connect 1 PC to the WE826, everything works good and I have internet, but if I connect we826 to the mikrotik and configure mikrotik to use we826 as a backup, modem stops working as soon as mikrotik switch clients to the we826. Then I have to send AT!RESET command to the modem and reboot we826 to restore connection, otherwise modem just fails to connect and says "retrying".

I configured NAT between mikrotik and we826 to hide all computers behind 1 IP, but we826 stops working same second when mikrotik routes traffic to it. I started experimenting and decided to send only 32 IPs (probably 10-15 active devices) to the we826 with /27 mask ( and it worked, then I changed it to /26 ( and again it worked, but after I changed it to /25 ( instantly stops working (DHCP pool because there are then probably more than 30 active clients. I'm not sure who is limiting me, Verizon or we826+EM7455, but I tested this 10 times, and I can have around 20 devices using this as a backup, but if I add more, modem gets disconnected and I need to repeat this process again.

After some testing, I configured mikrotik to failover only 5-10 PCs, SBC (Session Border Controller), and domain controller (because of DNS) to the we826 and everything works rock solid without any problems. All computers and phones in the office worked without problems until main connection was restored.

This was acceptable for our client (to have important PCs and phones working when main connection is down), but modem is now disconnecting randomly after 1,2,3 days and then I have to reset power (I'm not on site) OR again send AT!RESET to the modem + reboot the router which is frustrating because I can't do this on my own when main connection is down.

I now configured "Connection Monitor" with "Modem Reconnect" option enabled, but not sure if this is same like AT!RESET + router reboot or I will again have inactive backup connection?

Please let me know if "Modem Reconnect" is proper option or I should use some other feature to restore internet connection when modem disconnects.

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Re: Verizon internet with WE826 and EM7455

Post by JimHelms » Wed Dec 11, 2019 12:50 pm

That is peculiar that it limits the number of devices and I have no idea why this is happening or how to get around it.

Not sure which version of GoldenOrb you are using, but I would install the WiFiX GO2019-11-16 firmware and give that a try.

Note that I would use the Firmware Recovery Method to upload the new firmware. Then, once installed, I would flash it a second time thru the UI--and UNCHECK the box to Save Settings. This will assure all of the files are overwritten with the new image files.

I would then disable Connection Monitor and Enable the LteFix Ping Test which can be found under the SERVICES tab. This is a type of last resort script that pings every 10 minutes and, if it fails, restarts the modem if the COMM port exists, and reboots the router otherwise.

The Ping script should (at least in theory) work in conjunction with the Connection Monitor--enabled in the Modem Reconnect mode but I personally have never tested their combination.

I don't believe the Modem Reconnect issues an AT!RESET without modifying the script. There is a TUTORIAL on the forum that shows how this is accomplished.


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