Cradlepoint CBA850LP6 Introduction | Installation Options

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Cradlepoint CBA850LP6 Introduction | Installation Options

Post by JimHelms » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:20 pm


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LTE FIX receives a significant number of inquiries regarding our Cradlepoint CBA850 routers and its MC400 Multi-Carrier modems. Our new and refurbished CBA850's are available with both MC400LPE and MC400LP6 modems.

I will answer some of the more common questions with a brief explanation and illustration for different styled configurations.

The Cradlepoint CBA850 router uses an USB type plug-in MC400 Modem. The MC400LP6 is a CAT6 modem which uses a special version of the Sierra Wireless MC7455 card which it identifies by its TAC number. Therefore, a stock (OEM) MC7455 modem is not recognized by, or compatible with the Cradlepoint router software (firmware).

The MC400LPE is a CAT3 modem which uses the Sierra Wireless MC7345/MC7355 card.

Please refer to the links to the Sierra Wireless MC7xxx for more information on these cards and the carrier's bands they support.

The CBA850 router has two powering options. It can be powered with the standard 12V DC power adapter, or with a 48V PoE power adapter/injector (PSE). PoE refers to Power over Ethernet which, in a nutshell, simply allows a suitable Ethernet cable to transport the power (and data) from the adapter/injector to the router.

CBA850 Powering Options.png

The CBA850 has two primary modes of operation. It can perform all primary routing functions, or act simply as a modem using IP Passthrough (aka, Bridge Mode) to a second router that performs all the routing functions. Note that the CBA850 router does not have WiFi so it must depend on another device (i.e., router, Access Point….) to provide devices with WiFi.

CBA850 Router Mode:

CBA850 Routing Functions.png

CBA850 IP Passthrough (Modem) Mode:

CBA850 IP Passthrough.png

Note that the CBA850's mode of operation is not dependent on a specific power option.

The diversity of modes and powering options make the CBA850 a perfect candidate for remote installations in an external antenna or enclosure.

CBA850 and WiFiX 700-2700 MIMO Antenna (internal enclosure):

CBA850 PoE WiFiX MIMO Antenna Enclosure.png

CBA850 and WiFiX 700-2700 MIMO mounted in separate WiFiX Medium Enclosure

CBA850 PoE WiFiX MIMO Antenna & Seperate Enclosure.png

In both above styled installations, the CBA850 can function as the primary router or as simply the modem (using the IP Passthrough function).

Some may find it more convenient using the Enclosure method, and mounted at a level where the router is more easily accessed (i.e., for swapping SIM cards). This method also has the advantage of using dual Directional Panels, Omni-directional Radome, Yagis, and/or other types of MIMO antennas.

CBA850 Antenna Options With Enclosure.png

In posts to follow, we will look at some of the Cradlepoint settings and configurations.


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Re: Cradlepoint CBA850LP6 Introduction | Installation Options

Post by JimHelms » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:18 pm


I recommend configuring the CBA850 and with a valid internet connection prior to its final point of installation. There are few settings that will save time later in the process. I will explain just a few.

In order to login to the CBA850 for the first time, obtain (write down) the router's default password which is listed on the bottom label of the CBA850.

Connect your PC to the LAN 1 Ethernet port on the CBA850. LAN 2 POE is by default set to IP Passthrough and requires a valid internet connection before you can access the router, and then, on a different IP address than LAN 1. This can later be changed in the configuration process.

Enter the login IP Address of in your web browser and the Cradlepoint NetCloud OS login will appear.

First Time Log in CBA850.png

Once logged in, a NetCloud Manager pop up screen will appear which has several WAN Connection option. If you are planning on using the MC400 modem for internet, bypass this section and click on the Start NetCloud OS.

Start the NetCloud OS.png

Set up a good password and select your Time Zone. If you lose or forget your password, you will have to reset the router by pressing the reset button (for 20 seconds) that is located on the bottom of the router. Thereafter, the router will have to be reconfigured using the default password.

Set Admin Password and Time Zone.png

On the next screen, I recommend you leave the WAN Verification ping to OFF until all configurations are made and an internet connection established:

Leave WAN Verify to OFF.png

Assuming you have a valid SIM card in the MC400 modem and given a few minutes, you should be up and connected in a few minutes. (I will edit this post to discuss a few more details about the modem at a later time.)

As mentioned previously, LAN 2 is used for POE applications. By default, LAN 2 is also configured for IP Passthrough. The strange thing about LAN 2 is by default, the Admin access in not enabled. We will compare LAN 1 and LAN2 default settings which may be easily edited to suit our installation or general use.

LAN 1 and LAN 2 OEM Settings.png

LAN 1 is set to NAT which, in a nutshell, allows the CBA850 to function as a router. LAN 2 is set to IP Passthrough which, in the same nutshell, allows the CBA850 to function as a modem (requiring a secondary router for the DHCP and other router functions). You will also noticed the different IP addresses assigned to each interface.

Either or both interfaces may be modified. We can modify LAN 2 from its default settings of IP Passthrough to NAT.

LAN2 IP Passthrough Settings.png

Setting LAN2 to NAT Router Mode.png

Regardless of the LAN 2 settings, I recommend enabling the Admin Access when mounting the CBA850 in an external antenna or enclosure. This will allow Admin Access without first having to have an internet connection--which may come in handy.

Enabling Admin Access on LAN 2.png

After the configurations above have been saved, we can now see LAN 1 and LAN 2 interfaces are configured a like except on different IP addresses.

Configuring LAN1 and LAN2 in Router Mode.png
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Re: Cradlepoint CBA850LP6 Introduction | Installation Options

Post by Johnsieve » Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:42 am

A few other things to note after installing this and using it for a day, first off, the thing is of great quality and seems to run cool, i use this as my router, as it's very stable so far, and the company has a great reputation, The device still receives updates and has a focus on security as well, i.e. tls settings in cmd, and cipher suites.

I enabled UPnP gateway for my network so misc devices can get out to the net and interact (kids ipad, switch, xbox, etc). i disabled QoS on the modem (personal preference, and may change back if i get buffer bloat)

I also changed system logging level to "critical" to keep cpu and space down, not that it has been a lot, i just don't need the detail until i am diagnosing a problem, (and i'm not)

I really wanted to change bands, as there is no way in the UI, so poking around in the device console (System>system control>device options>device console) you can enter the AT command terminal by simply running "atterm", this will give you the AT terminal, and from there you can configure bands just as you do with sierra wireless cards.

One thing to note, the modem will revert back to all bands (at!band=00) IF you do not input your band command at startup from connection manager. For example, I programmed band 26 as AT!BAND=10, so that command is my startup at command.

You must still enter at!entercnd="A710" in the AT command terminal in order to configure bands, and issue a at!reset once done creating your bands.
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