WG3526 Not connecting.

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Re: WG3526 Not connecting.

Post by JimHelms » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:42 pm

gonus wrote:
Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:38 pm
Got on the roof and aimed it around at the 3 different towers I am aware of.
Does Sprint have space on these three towers?
Think I should buy the 700-2700MHz 4dBi LTE Hotspot Antenna Kit and use it to verify the modem? I have the small connectors for it and could peel the hot glue off. Not sure what to trouble shoot first in this world.
I would troubleshoot the issues. First, you need to locate the closest Sprint tower. Be sure it is Sprint's. Might even take a reading on your hotspot at your current location, and then drive to the cell tower to check the hotspot signal again. Use the signal readings, and not the number of bars. If you show no improvement, chances are it is not a sprint tower.

Assuming it is a Sprint tower, calculate the towers heading (degrees) from your location using google earth. Then, using a compass (or good app), aim the antenna as close to the tower's location as possible. You can use your cell phone to login to the router and watch the signal stats. Also, make sure the antenna is straight up and down (vertically), or slightly pointed up a few degrees (assuming you are on flat ground, and the tower is higher than your location).

Once these steps are done, watch your stats in the router and very slightly get the best primary cell (if no secondary cell is showing up). At that point, we can run a few AT commands and better troubleshoot the issue.

On more question, do you have line of sight (LOS) with the tower (i.e., no obstructions, woods, hills....)? And, how far away is the tower?

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Re: WG3526 Not connecting.

Post by RussWestrem » Mon May 21, 2018 11:53 pm

All antennas seem fine to me. Diversity and main both show signal. You're deregistered indicating to me that you didn't enter the apn in rooter under the modem connection info area.

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