Antenna Grounding on new build

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Antenna Grounding on new build

Post by Need4Speed » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:51 pm

New to the forum and 4g lte internet. I'm planning on building a new full time 4g internet solution since I have decided to cut the cord with directv and my current isp only supplies 6mb ^ and 2mb v. Plan is x2 24dbi parabolic grid antennas mounted in 45° orientation from each other vertically on an 8' fence post which I will then mount on top of my 33' tv tower. Lmr400 from each antenna down about half way the tower into a junction box that will house x2 lightning arresters, then through an attic vent down to a bedroom closet below to a wg3526 with Em7565 modem. Total cable length should be ~40-45'. Guesstimating 3.5-4 dbi cable/connector loss.

When researching lightning protection I've read that static electricity from thunderstorms builds up and is what contributes to gas charged lightning arresters short life span. Life expectations are around 5 years. In researching I came across this Times Microwave Systems Ground Kit GK-S

To install you cut 2" off the outside jacket of the lmr400 that exposes the ground shielding and this clamps to the ground shielding. Weatherproof with the butyl and electrical tape around the clamped lmr400 and connect the 36" ground lead from the clamp to ground.

So in theory (in my head) if static charge build up could be wicked away directly to ground before reaching the lightning arresters, that could extend their life. Also would be a secondary ground. All the grounding info I came across was mostly from ham radio guys and they all recommend multiple grounds at top and bottom. I'll be grounding the tower at the base with 8' ground rod and #4 bare copper bonded to each leg to the rod. My question is this shouldn't affect my signal right? Or am I in the trial and error category?

My plan is that I should do this ground kit after all is hooked up and I have initial baseline results to compare to. Any thoughts/suggestions? I'm a complete noob to this stuff but try doing my due diligence in reading, I'm sure once I get the project going I'll run into setup issues. It's just my luck LoL

On my roof right next to my tv tower I get stellar speed test results considering the tower is 6.75 miles away. Hopefully the parabolic grid antennas will be able to reach the tower and give consistent signal strength. Would consider cheaper antennas but these offer the highest gain I could find and they claim 8 mile reach. I've Google earth'd my LOS to tower and have only 1 small forrest area in between.

Apologies for the lengthy post and thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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