WG3526-P Router w/Sierra MC7455 Modem inside a DM25X19 Antenna

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Re: WG3526-P Router w/Sierra MC7455 Modem inside a DM25X19 Antenna

Post by Didneywhorl » Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:58 am

caheobay wrote:
Mon Jan 11, 2021 11:51 pm
It's very nice. ;)
Just wonder did you 3d print the leg / stand for the wifi antenna or it's included when you order the router / antenna.
I drew it up and printed it.

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Re: WG3526-P Router w/Sierra MC7455 Modem inside a DM25X19 Antenna

Post by DonJuane » Sun May 30, 2021 10:35 am

Hi, little ideas grace my head from time to time and this one passed by me this morning and I went searching and was delighted to find your offering here. Thanks! I read most of this but I didn't see anything saying what the dimensions of this board are, and if I missed it I apologize. I'm mobile and been using a 3G USB modem inserted into GL-AR150 Rooter in a canoe box top-side with omni antennas inside the box for several years now and with 3G going away, I am going to have to finally upgrade it looks like. Doing so, I'd like to know if this router will fit in my existing box (I am omni only so no antenna other than stock rubber duckies). Call me old-fashioned a Ludite or whatever but 3G has been fine for me and keeps me from going over plan and from that perspective, what's not to enjoy about it. These guys streaming now, they must know something I don't or have more money to spend. I don't "do" over $100US/month plans and I likely won't even look at Starlink when it goes mobile - I'm retired and "too old for this $%#" and just don't use enough data to warrant it.

Now before I started getting into all this "need for speed" business, to experiment with the new LTE-5G only world, I bought a EM7455, EP06 and also looking at a EM12 (finally figured out the push-on antenna connector size difference, board adapter needs and all that "the hard way".) So with me finding only M-style and P-style modem mostly USB 2.0 boards and the USB 3.0 adapters suggested for these faster speed devices (I assume require USB 3.0) and not many Rooter/routers on the market with USB 3.0, I am guessing this is what is driving everyone to use these routers with the built in P/M module adapters - am I right? If so, I wonder at what line of modem for example I might be over the USB 2.0 or router speed capacity of my AR150 that would force me to go to this modem board router and have to forgo my palm-size GLI rooter and the USB2.0/modem in my current enclosure?

Just a note that the EP06 on a USB 2.0 modem-to-USB interface to the low-ly GLI-AR150 was kicking it up about 20M which is all I would ever need, so do I really need to upgrade? Otherwise the one thing about the EM12-G that caught my eye is it has a lot of bands and is a global version and seems viable for international travel. Still with all this aside and if this is too off-topic, I can ask it elsewhere but I'd still like to know the approximate board size of this router board. THANKS!!!

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Re: WG3526-P Router w/Sierra MC7455 Modem inside a DM25X19 Antenna

Post by Adm1jtg » Thu Jun 03, 2021 2:05 pm

I use a wg3526 and an ep06. Like you I looked at other options and upgrades and realized this setup does all I need. Anything "upgraded" in my case would be a "want to have" not a "need to have"

The EP06 has carrier aggregation and supports band 66 thats all I need

The em12 is definitely a step up, faster more bands and all

As I have said in other threads if you looking for more speed you might do better to get external antennas then a new modem. Most external antennas can be adapted to hook into the smc ports of your modem device. They replace the whip antennas on your unit.

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Re: WG3526-P Router w/Sierra MC7455 Modem inside a DM25X19 Antenna

Post by jbweston » Wed Sep 15, 2021 7:01 am

This may be a total newb question, and thread may be dead, but will give it a shot anyway. Because you please give an overview as to the advantages of this type of setup versus just running an antenna cable (s) into the house. Either performance wise or convenience wise or otherwise?. Thank you and very detailed and helpful tutorial by the way.

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