Windows 7 - Unidentified Network Errors

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Windows 7 - Unidentified Network Errors

Post by JimHelms » Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:12 pm

I seem to do more than my share of building and configuring different routers. And, there are times when connected via Window's PC to a router LAN port via Ethernet cable, I get the Unidentified Network Error. I may still be able to access the router via WiFi, but not via LAN port.

Generally a reboot of both the PC and router is resolve the issue. But sometimes the same error remains.

Every time a new router is connected to the PC, it creates a new network location. These locations accumulate over time and, for whatever reason, may conflict with a new one.

If you run upon this issue, you should consider deleting all of the network locations and names you are not using. You may be surprised how many you have listed. Its a fairly simple process as shown in the image below. Left mouse click were the fingers are pointed:

Unidentified Network .png
Unidentified Network Errors

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