WG3526 - Configuring for PoE Installations

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WG3526 - Configuring for PoE Installations

Post by JimHelms » Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:10 pm

The WG3526-P LTE Router is designed to accommodate PoE installations (i.e., the attic, outdoors in an LTE antenna/enclosure, etc.). The WG3526-P may be powered using a 48 Volt 35W-100W Gigabit Power over Ethernet POE injector, as well as its standard 12 Volt DC 2.5 Amp power adapter that comes with the unit.

When configuring the router for PoE, the WAN port is used to provide power the router--generally using a good CAT6A or better Ethernet cable. In order to supply power and access the router via a single Ethernet cable, the WAN port on the router must be changed to function as a LAN port. This is accomplished in ROOter by going to the NETWORK > SWITCH and setting the status of VLAN ports to match those in the image below, and be sure and SAVE & APPLY the settings:

WG3526-PoE Switch Settings.png

HELPFUL HINT: I would suggest setting up and configuring the router using the 12VDC power adapter. Once the router is connected to the internet and, you are satisfied with all its settings, then configure the WAN to a LAN.

You may also want to change the LAN IP address for the router. This is helpful when coupling the WG3526-P to an access point, router or other device that may already use the IP to access that device.

To change the LAN IP address, go to NETWORK > INTERFACES > LAN > EDIT:

WG3526-PoE Static IP LAN.png

Next, assign the LAN interface a static IP address using a different subnet (shown using

WG3526-PoE Static IP LAN 2.png
WG3526-PoE Static IP LAN 3.png

Once again, SAVE and APPLY. Reboot the router.

Before installing the WG3526-P, test the PoE and IP login using your new static IP address.

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