M2M - Using the Breed Web Recovery Console

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M2M - Using the Breed Web Recovery Console

Post by JimHelms » Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:12 pm

This tutorial will focus on accessing (and interpreting) the Breed Web Recovery Console on the M2M NEXG H721.

Firmware for the M2M is available from HERE.

It is sometimes necessary, and often preferred, to use the Breed Web Recovery Console when going from one firmware build to the next.

This process will help to assure all files and configurations from the previous build are overwritten--as opposed to updated.

Overwriting the previous firmware image will help to avoid build to build incompatibilities.

To access the Console:
  • Unplug the power cable from the M2M
  • Press and hold the reset button while reinserting the power cable (for a few seconds)
  • Open a fresh web browser and type in the IP address of

The default console page should now appear and written in Chinese.

Console default page.png

Using a translator extension in Google Chrome is handy to translate the pages--though you can just use the ones below.

Console default page translated.png

  • Select the Firmware Update tab on the left and check the box next to firmware.
  • Select the Flash Layout for the Public version (0x500000)
  • Choose File to access the new firmware to upload onto the M2M
  • Check the Auto restart box
  • Click the Upload button

Console Firmware Upload.png

The next window to appear will be the confirmation screen. Select the Update button.

Console confirmation.png

The update process usually takes between 3 and 5 minutes so give it a little time.

Once you're able to login the M2M firmware, the process is completed.

It is usually a good idea to power off/power on a router after uploading a new firmware image.

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