Verizon / MC7455 Deregistered

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Verizon / MC7455 Deregistered

Post by TonyShepherd » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:44 am

WE1326 (GoldenOrb 2019-03-10)/MC7455 (shipped Generic version), QMI mode.

Since the initial build, the router has been re-flashed and modem reset. Setup used with Verizon postpaid 15GB hotspot sim and Straight Talk Prepaid sim with no problems.

Trying to test with GoUnlimted cell sim from Pixel (New 11/2017). I can hotspot the phone and by setting TTL=65 in Win 10 laptop, I am able to connect without hotspot throttling (30-40Mb).

With same GoUnlimited sim in MC7455, TTL=64, APN=VZWINTERNET the EMM State= Deregistered Attach Needed.

When I put the sim back in phone the Mobile Network State= Disconnected.

I have to reset the network settings and reboot the phone to get data connections back on the phone. The first time, I called Verizon and was told I had a "4G Eligibility Hotline Block". The rep did not know what this was but had it removed and also at the same time had me to reset the network settings and reboot. Since then I have only reset/reboot to restore data on cell phone, I have not talked to Verizon to see if there is another block.

It appears that since a TTL=65 on laptop doesn't trigger hotspot, a TTL=64 on the WE1326 wouldn't either.

Right after removing the 4G Eligibility Block, the GoUnlimted sim connected one time with TTL=64 as expected, but data was <600Kb. I have since tried 64, 65, 66, 117 for TTL with the same Deregistered / Disconnected results.

Some questions/thoughts I have are:

1) What is a 4G Eligibility Hotline Block?

2)Could an incorrect TTL put a 4G Eligibility Hotline Block on my account that must be removed by Verizon even though I can restore data on my cell phone by reset/reboot?

3) Could it have something to do with the age of the sim?

4) QMI vs MBIM?

Still learning and appreciate any help/comments.

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Re: Verizon / MC7455 Deregistered

Post by Lbnaz » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:54 pm

I have had the same problem with Verizon with both a Sim from my verizon phone and then a sim from a verizon tablet.
it would work in the phone or tablet. When I put the sim in my router it would connect and then get de registered. Verizon also put a block on my service for that line I had to get removed. I am using a EM7565 in my WE1326 router. In the end I ended up buying a used panatech modem from ebay for $6 and used its IMED # to register a sim I bought from best buy to get them on my data plan (did this through the internet not at the store as I did not want them to active the sim while it was in the panatech). I did not ever put the sim in the panatech modem so the first time Verizon sees this sim on their network was in my WE1326. I think Verizon associates the sim with whatever first it intializes on its network if you move the sim to another device it will puke on you. I know there are some that have been able to use there phone sim in their routers but not me. I think perhaps verizon has changed and gotten more picky about swapping Sims. I also know that the sim has to be for data/tablet and not phone use. You could get a new Sim and try what I did and see if that works. Good Luck, it can be frustrating as it is hard to get any straight answers about what is happening.

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