Sim Compatibility to Mc7455?

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Sim Compatibility to Mc7455?

Post by habituallimit » Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:02 pm

Hi I'm new to 4G LTE hacking. I just ordered a bunch of equipment from LTEfix and now am trying to be a bit preemptive with my knowledge. I found out my MC7455 modem has a IMEI which led me down a bit of a rabbit hole. I have the BYOD Sprint plan unlimited data activated and was wondering if the sim I activated the plan on has to also be compatible with the MC7455?
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Re: Sim Compatibility to Mc7455?

Post by swwifty » Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:05 pm

Usually carriers require you to have a device that is compatible with their network.

As far as I know though, the MC7455 will work just fine with sprint.

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Re: Sim Compatibility to Mc7455?

Post by habituallimit » Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:51 pm

Seems about right from what I read. It seems Sprint unlike other carriers simply swapping a sim to another device will not work. One has to report the IMEI of the new device to sprint before it will work on their network.

I avoided getting a Cradlepoint router because of issues it may have connecting into the sprint network as well as it does not seem to have much support (from what I see), and the MC7455 on the craddlepoint apparently has custom firmware on it (craddlepoints are to many unknowns for me). Apparently craddlepoints need a specific sprint sim card to connect onto the sprint network (the SIMGLW106Q).

Cradlepoint LP6 Sprint SIM Card SIMGLW106Q 2FF ... imglw106q/

I looked more into the SIMGLW106Q sim card and found out this particular sim is made to be compatible for modems such as the MC7455 (not sure if this is common or uncommon with other carriers). I'm just a bit curious if down the line if I can swap sim/IMEI from cell directly to MC7455. It's apparently fairly easy to swap sims/IMEI through a automated sprint chat.

Sprint SIMGLW106Q SIM Cards

I was a bit surprised on the sprint reddit they were talking exactly about the plan I'm on and went into details about sprint and the type of sims you need if you plan to use the MC7455 card.

Activating MC7455 Sierra Wireless card ... less_card/

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Re: Sim Compatibility to Mc7455?

Post by JimHelms » Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:37 am

The MC7455 will accept most Sprint service plans when running the generic firmware and does not necessarily need to be provisioned for their network.

To provision a device, Sprint does use the IMEI and requires a Sprint SIM Card that is compatible with the device.

We recommend working with MOBILE SWAP SHOP to help provision a Cradlepoint and/or modem for the Sprint Network. Their services include swapping a HOTSPOT from a third party Sprint provider with that of a Cradlepoint and/or MC7455/EM7455 (and possibly others).

This is done on a regular basis for the CRADLEPOINT ROUTERS (mainly the CBA850LP6/IBR1100) we carry on the LTE FIX store:

We allow the customer to purchase the Cradlepoint router and SIM Card, and include a NOTE upon checkout to HOLD SHIPPING PENDING ACTIVATION.

We then email the customer the router/modem IMEI and the SIM Card ICC ID number.

The customer provides the information to MOBILE SWAP SHOP for the device swap and activation process.

Once the activation is successful, the customer will notify us (via replying to our email) to ship the order.

If the device swap is not successful, we cancel the customer's order and refund payment--Prior to shipping.

Note that LTE FIX is not involved in the device swap/activation process and assumes no liability on the outcome or for the renewal of service. We would recommend to never allow the hotspot service plan to elapse.

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