WE826-T2 Serial Connection Issue/Question

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WE826-T2 Serial Connection Issue/Question

Post by aimlesswanderer » Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:50 pm


I have a WE826-T2 router that I am trying to connect to the serial port with. I have soldered the headers for tx rx and gnd and have it connected to my PC. I am using teraterm and have set the connection settings to 115200 8n1. I have followed the instructions here: https://openwrt.org/toh/zbt/we-826.
For some reason I have been unable to get into the console. All that is displayed is garbage. I have followed the troubleshooting steps here https://openwrt.org/docs/techref/hardware/port.serial for the garbage output and nothing has resolved the issue. I have changed terminal types, changed baud rates, switched tx and rx, tried a laptop with a physical serial port and also tried a USB to serial and nothing seems to work. I end up with the same result. I also thought that it might be the router so I took one straight out of the box brand new and I have the same result.

I would appreciate any help or guidance anyone might be able to provide.

Here is a sample of what is output when I power on the router:

? ¿UY{¿/;¿3!#7åëRûûû»£
E¿;9! ¿¿!¿755957åëRûûû»£
9'5ZåëRûûû«£ ssssssw}åëRûûû«£E¿[=5/¿£¿¯\õ)'5GY);[59
E¿/;¿¥ ¿UY{¿/;¿3!#7åëRûûû«£

Thank you.

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